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Theresa Pröll, a mechatronics engineer, is currently taking a part-time Masters degree in Business Administration and Engineering at the Management Center Innsbruck.

High-level employees

Professional experience, a considerable amount of theoretical knowledge and solid basic knowledge – skilled personnel have these qualities. Demand for these specialists – for example in the fields of IT, technology, engineering or life sciences – is continuing to increase throughout Europa. It's a good thing that there are 85,000 specialists just in the district of Innsbruck Land. They help to develop technologies and innovations, which in turn helps companies in Tirol to grow and to gain a competitive advantage.                                                                   

Thanks to the dual system, specialists in Tirol learn about their business from the bottom up. The combination of training-on-the-job while going to vocational college or the option of studying for an academic master at a vocational academy is only one way for an experienced specialist to climb the career ladder in Tirol. Young people can gain practical and comprehensive knowledge not only in the upper classes at school but also at one of the 11 vocational higher technical institute (HTLs). These institutes work closely with businesses and teach future-oriented subjects such as chemistry, engineering and building technology, electronics and electrotechnology or mechatronics. When they take their school leaving examinations - "Matura", A'levels or high-school diploma - aged 19 after five years at one of these schools, they are perfectly prepared, professionally and practically, to enter the workforce . And are very popular with companies.

Hannes Wohlfarter chose this path. All of the technical and practical knowledge necessary to work at the company vivax drive, a specialist for ultra-light e-bike drives from Wörgl, he acquired at the Higher Technical Institute (HTL) for Machinery and Plant Engineering in Jenbach. "I was always good at technical things. But I also wanted to know what was behind it all and how it all works," he explained his decision for choosing the HTL. After the five-year course at the HTL, Hannes took both his school leaving and professional examination. Hannes even wrote his final paper for his current employer, vivax drive.

But it's not all over after the HTL in Tirol. Instead, school leavers can opt to increase their knowledge in their specialist field by studying at a university or a university of applied sciences. Theresa Pröll chose this option. She is a mechatronics engineer and is currently taking a part-time Masters degree in Business Administration and Engineering at the Management Center Innsbruck. "I was interested in learning about business and not only in acquiring technical knowledge, so that later on I would also be able to work in sales and product development, " Theresa explains her motivation for choosing this course.

Apart from various practice-oriented courses, A'level students in Tirol can also choose a traditional academic course. There are a total of six universities and universities of applied sciences in the region, from Innsbruck to Kufstein. Michael Karpf, for example, chose to study medicine at the University of Innsbruck. "You can learn a lot from the medical experts at Innsbruck. The Medical University of Innsbruck is also the only university with such a comprehensive dissection course," he explains his choice of location. But there was a more important reason than just the good education that made Michael Karpf decide to live and study in Innsbruck. "I love the mountains and there are lots of things you can do here in your free time." That's know--how for you.


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