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If you haven't already got one, then you might start one. And once you have one, the public authorities will support you fully. Family has a capital "F" in the birthplace of SOS Children's Villages.

Optimal care at all times

To give a home to children who have lost their parents in war – that was Hermann Gmeiner's wish. "One day I just couldn't accept the fate of these children anymore and thought that there had to be another way to help them," he said and built the first SOS Children's Village in Imst in Tirol.

The SOS Children's Village organisation is active in 133 countries today. 82,000 children and adolescents around the world owe their permanent home to the organisation. In Austria there are eleven SOS Children's Villages, 22 shared flats for young people, two refugee projects, six aftercare programmes, nine children's living groups, four job projects, five counselling centres, eight kindergartens and a medical centre. In this way, more than 1,000 employees at SOS Children's Villages have been able to support 6,300 children,adolescents and adults in Austria.

It goes without saying that in Tirol, the birthplace of SOS Children's Villages, families and optimal child care are of a high priority. Children should always be looked after well, be able to play and run around – even when the parents are at work.

To make it easier to combine work and family life, there are e.g. 1,123 care facilities or child minders, including the Katholischer Familienverband (Catholic Family Association), Frauen im Brennpunkt (Women in Focus Association) as well as various social and health centres. Some kindergartens open even before 7.30 am. State funding such as Kindergeld Plus (extra child allowance) helps working parents to manage their children's care. Apart from this financial allowance for two- and three-year-olds - unique in Austria, incidentally – kindergarten for four- and five-year-olds is free of charge.

In summer, holiday activities such as the "Spiel-mit-mir-Wochen" ("Play-with-me weeks") - which have been around for 20 years – take it one step further: children between 3 and 14 can enjoy a versatile games, sports and cultural programme while their parents are at work. And that as mobile as possible. Because if you go to school and have a so-called SchulPlus ticket, then you can travel by bus, train or tram through the entire state at no extra charge during the school holidays.

Spend time with the family? There's support for that, too. The Family Pass entitles holders to discounts of up to 50% all year round for all kinds of leisure activities as well as reduced rates for travelling on buses and trains. After all, Tirol is a land of discoveries. An Alpine region with large and colourful meadows, small streams for splashing around and large lakes for swimming, enchanting forests, rocks for climbing and plenty of snow in winter – a land of adventure where it never gets boring. Experience the animal world at Alpenzoo, speed down the mountains on your mountain bike and climb, balance and swing between the treetops in the climbing garden, go tobogganing, ice-skating or skiing – Tirol is the perfect home for nature lovers and active children and families.


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