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Sabine stayed in Innsbruck after she finished her business degree. What she likes here: the closeness to her friends, the short distances and her mobile freedom. Andrea, Thomas and Michael have other priorities.

Tirol provides all kinds of living styles

Tirol – an urban lifestyle and a rural atmosphere in one. As contradictory as the region, as individual the lifestyle of its inhabitants. The same applies to in and around Innsbruck, the state capital. Whether a young student or a family man, a "townie" or a "country bumpkin" – in Tirol everyone can find the lifestyle that suits them.

For the 40,000 students, who bustle around Innsbruck, social contacts are the most important thing. Therefore, they prefer to live in the centre of town and in shared accommodation for financial reasons. Just like Andrea whose flatmates are her social network. "We not only live together, but we also do a lot of things together, especially at the weekend," she explains. And the 24-year-old business student thinks it's a real benefit living so close to the centre. "Go to the shops quickly, meet up with friends, cinema, going out, inviting lots of people over – that's how I like it: everything there, varied, sociable and spontaneous."

Sabine also appreciates the short distances to her friends. "I want to be able to get to everything and everyone on foot or by bike," she explains and has deliberately chosen not to have her own car. The 29-year-old grew up in the countryside and after she finished her degree she stayed in Innsbruck for her job. She's moved often. Today she lives in a 35 square metre studio flat, in the centre of town, naturally, and north of the river Inn with a large terrace. She wouldn't like to live in another town or in the countryside again – for her, there's no place like Innsbruck. "My friends are here, there's simply no other home," she finds. The fact that Innsbruck is not as large as Vienna or Munich conveys a stronger sense of home. "It means you can feel at home in the entire town and not just in your own neighbourhood," she explains.

"A village with the convenience of a town," Thomas adds. He lives with his wife and three children, also close to the city centre, in a 100 square metre flat in an old building on a quiet street with large windows and views of the mountains. The latter plays an important part of this adventurous family's life as they spend a large amount of their free time there: hiking, mountain biking, skiing and a whole lot more. After all, the town's unique selling point is that you can get to the top of the Nordkette within 20 minutes. However, in the week the family usually stays in town. The children go to school, both parents work in Innsbruck. It only takes them a few minutes to get to work. "If we had a flat in the countryside we would have to commute every day, at the expense of our precious leisure time or sports time," Thomas explains.

35-year-old Michael is just as enthusiastic about sports but he doesn't mind commuting. He enjoys observing the hustle and bustle in the town from up above in Götzen, which has 4,000 inhabitants, but he needs the peace and quiet of the western highlands. "My roots are here and I'm not anonymous, I enjoy talking to the people when I'm at the baker's," he says. This is exactly why he wants to fulfil a dream in his hometown. "I'm building a detached house right now," he explains, "naturally with a garden and heated by biomass." Michael is not that different from many others in Tirol as detached houses here are by far the main kind of accommodation in all of the districts apart from in the town of Innsbruck. The district of Innsbruck Land has the most detached houses, 22,500 in total. Like many people in Tirol, Michael is building his house on his family's land. Because his family is important to him, and in this way he can also live in close proximity to several generations.

Whether in town with friends or in the countryside with several generations – people in Tirol simply choose what they love. And can still keep their options open. Because even if you have chosen an urban lifestyle, the natural surroundings and the leisure activities they enable are still always right on your doorstep. And if it's cosier in smaller places or even villages, the nearest town is never far away.



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