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Sport, relaxation, adrenaline kicks or trekking in the mountains – you choose.

Freedom 360°

What can you expect in the land of holidays extraordinaire? Lots of variety. What is there to write about or say when so many ad texts have already been written on the Internet about holidaying in Tirol? You've probably heard a lot already. Or maybe not everything?

Did you know, for example, that Tirol is a paradise for thrillseekers such as mountain bikers and down hill mountain bikers? 5,600 km of breathtaking mountain routes and spectacular trails provide challenges with fascinating views and adrenaline kicks. An equally action-packed summer sport is rafting. Tirol's rushing rivers are ideal for this kind of active team experience. For adventurous families, Area 47 has plenty to offer: a climbing garden, climbing walls, huge diving platforms and canyoning provide unforgettable experiences. Should anyone prefer to watch the goings-on from up above and feel as free as an eagle, then they can go paragliding and enjoy the breathtaking mountain panorama at a dizzy height. By the way, this sport can be done in both summer and winter. In the cold season - except for the glacier ski resorts – challenging pistes and snow parks will warm you up while you're skiing and snowboarding. There's plenty of choice at more than 100 ski resorts.

But after an exhausting and exciting day enjoying the Tirolean mountain and valley air you simply need to relax. In Tirol, state-of-the-art technology is just waiting to help you feel good: showers with various vitalising programmes, infrared cabins, which adapt to body temperature and sauna facilities gentle to your circulation and with natural infusions. Well-being in the mountains is true pleasure for body, mind and soul. Health plays an important role. After all, a holiday in the Tirolean mountains reduces stress and enhances relaxation, as the AMAS II study from Wolfgang Schobersberger from the Institute of Sports Medicine, Alpine Medicine and Health Tourism (see interview here) has shown. In addition, it has proven that a holiday in the Tirolean mountain climate has a positive effect on allergy symptoms.

36 per cent of the holidaymakers come to Tirol to do something for their health and 46 per cent of all Austrian spa holidays are taken in Tirol. For those interested in a health-oriented holiday, and nearly 23 million people in Germany are, a total of 45,000 beds are available in 395 hotels with health tourism services. Wellness services are offered by 1.100 hotels in total. Spa and beauty holidaymakers tend to come and enjoy these offers in September and October. Offers that also include yoga and Ayurvedic food at the Sonnhof Ayurveda hotel. Offers that also include individual therapies with natural and conventional medicine at Lanserhof, focusing on the health of guests – who also receive comprehensive medical care.

From action-packed adventures through to regenerating spa offers ranging from state-of-the-art technologies to innovative concepts in health tourism – visitors to Tirol can enjoy lots of variety. Whether classic hikers and skiers, wacky extreme athletes or Ayurveda fans – in Tirol, the land of holidays extraordinaire, there's something for everyone. That's free time, sorry, freedom 360°.


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