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Thanks to the strong research environment and highly motivated employees, one thing always works in Tirol: sustainable growth with innovations.

Innovation lab extraordinaire

Many international companies invest successfully every year in Tirol. They profit from the research infrastructure in the region, the highly qualified and highly motivated employees, the cooperation opportunities in the clusters, the central European location and the high quality of life to help them get ahead and grow.

And benefit at the same time from Austria's moderate company taxation, attractive research funding – the federal government recently passed a resolution to increase the popular R&D tax relief to 12 per cent – as well as the social and economic stability in the region. But let's take one thing at a time:

Research: University of Innsbruck, Medical University of Innsbruck, Management Center Innsbruck, Private University UMIT, University of Applied Sciences Kufstein, University of Applied Sciences Health, CMBI Center for Molecular Biosciences, ADSI Austrian Drug Screening Institute or Research Institute for Biomedical Aging Research – just a few examples of a long list of institutes and competence centres, which deliver a solid foundation of scientific findings for businesses to use. Or work together with businesses on application-focused solutions.

Specialists: motivated employees whose enthusiastic commitment, flexibility as well as high level of expertise and ingenuity helps companies to grow and gain a competitive advantage - employers in Tirol experience this on a daily basis. They obtain their qualifications and training e.g. at one of the eight universities – Campus Tirol – or eight higher technical institutes in the region. Equally popular: the dual system that enables specialists to be trained efficiently and effectively in a business environment.

Clusters: a location can only really become strong when business and science work together efficiently and effectively and pioneering specialists from sunrise industries get together and network closely. In Tirol, these are the renewable energies, IT, life sciences, mechatronics and well-being Tirol clusters, a true innovation hub in the region. The Standortagentur Tirol manages these clusters and facilitates contact between businesses and these cooperative networks as well as the wood cluster Tirol.

R&D funding: the state of Tirol can react quickly and flexibly to the requirements of business and science. It also develops customised research funding packages for businesses in the region. Tirol and Austria also support joint R&D projects involving businesses and research institutes, e.g. by providing competence centres.

The R&D tax relief makes both Tirol and Austria an attractive location for innovative companies as they can claim their expenditures for research and development or commissioned research as tax exempts and the companies either receive cash or tax credits. In spring 2015 a resolution was passed to increase the rate from 10 to 12 per cent. This kind of financial support of R&D activities does not exist e.g. in Germany.

Quality of life: the motivation and creativity of people and employees depends on their level of well-being and satisfaction. Therefore, quality of life is seen as an important asset in the competition for the best brains. Thanks to the large natural areas, environmental quality, the innumerable relaxation, leisure and sports opportunities, the best healthcare and the strong security, this is another clear advantage for Tirol compared to other regions. What about international rankings? Together with Austria, Tirol ranked 2nd place in the international ranking for quality of life in the World Competitiveness Yearbook 2013.

Taxes: corporate profits in Austria and, therefore, in Tirol are subject to a standard tax rate of 25 per cent – making the location highly competitive, even when compared to the new EU member states. Tirol has no trade tax or wealth tax, another clear advantage. Companies of all sizes also like using the option of group taxation. This means a tax loss of a subsidiary in Tirol can be balanced with the tax result of a group member.

Location: Tirol lies in the heart of Europe and provides a strategically important advantage for international trade as a north-south (A13 Brenner motorway) or west-east (A12 Inntal motorway) intersection. A road network stretching roughly 8,400 km, rail connections and a dense network of flight connections from Innsbruck airport ease logistics to the target markets.  

Interested in Tirol as a location and want more information? Then the Standortagentur Tirol can assist you with your move to Tirol. They will show you the unique opportunities available in Tirol for your company, assist you on all issues regarding your investment plans and starting up and will connect you quickly and individually to networks relevant to your business. Furthermore, the Standortagentur Tirol will help you find suitable employees, apply and process funding requests as well as any other matters regarding your start in Tirol, including your private and family life. You will find links to the Standortagentur Tirol and their services for investors below.



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