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Start up

Kathrin Prantner wanted to put her innovative idea into practice after finishing her computer science degree in Innsbruck and started her own business in Tirol. Today she is successful with E-SEC and her e-learning software worldwide.

Start smart, grow sustainably

Want to turn your creative idea into a business? For your vision to flourish, you need fertile soil and help to grow, just like plants do. You will find both in Tirol. And a whole lot more.

Fertile soil – this is the research being done by numerous institutes and labs in the region. Numerous start-ups are relying on their know-how. Numerous clusters and business networks help young companies to flourish. Because it is easier to put things into practice together. And much easier to find business partners, investors and potential customers in the clusters than going it alone.

The Standortagentur Tirol, the start-up service from the Chamber of Commerce Tirol, also helps start-ups in Tirol to grow as does CAST, the centre for academic start-ups. This includes getting their business model off the ground, writing a business plan, finding the right location, convincing investors, raising capital, registering the business and generating partners and the first customers. Choosing the location, making decisions or establishing the right contacts at different stages – these three service partners give advice and assistance. And free of charge, too.

Need some direction? The Standortagentur Tirol is the perfect point of contact for everything to do with innovative start-ups in technical, sustainable or social fields. In short, they are your innovations manager. And your relationship manager. Once you're there, you'll already have one foot in the door of the clusters. And also the capital providers they look after at "Investorennetzwerk Tirol" or the start-up funds provided by "Tiroler Adlerrunde". You can also benefit from the direct relationship that the Standortagentur Tirol maintains with funding agencies for research, development and innovations in Tirol, Austria and Europe.

Your studies, thesis or research at a university have inspired your business idea? Then CAST is the right place for you. They provide academic and in particular technology-oriented start-ups with a comprehensive package. For utilising the research results, for licences, for any business questions or even for financing a longer pre-founding phase, which the technology sector usually needs. They will also accompany you to the Chamber of Commerce Tirol when your newly founded company actually becomes active and when your start-up is nearly up and running.  Because these are the local professionals for everything to do with the legal framework, especially trade law and plant permit law, the advantages of the different legal forms, commercial social insurance, taxes and a lot more.

You can meet all three at the same time at adventure X. This start-up competition has seen more than 2,000 founders participate who were able to start their businesses with the help of the relevant expert network. The aim of participating: develop the ideal business model for an idea with the help of experts using the Business Model Canvas method, meet like-minded people, learn entrepreneurial tools and a whole lot more. "It's mainly about letting the aspiring entrepreneurs put their products and services through their paces on the market as soon as possible and to use the experiences they gain straight into their business and profit strategy," Harald Gohm, the managing director of Standortagentur Tirol, explains.

The fact that adventure X founders are especially successful becomes apparent when you take a look at the 50 top ten places of the last five competitions. 38 of them are still in business today, 34 with offices in Tirol. An extremely successful "graduate" is E-SEC whose former founders are today's CEO and CTO, Kathrin Prantner and Christian Molterer. Both studied computer science at the University of Innsbruck and knew even during their studies that they were going to end up experiencing the adventures of entrepreneurship. "Our most important motivation then was to be able to realise our innovative idea and work independently," Kathrin Prantner explains. She still enjoys the latter today and together with Christian Molterer has even assumed responsibility for a further eight employees in their company.

E-SEC first got started with e-learning software on information security in companies. In 2009 they succeeded in getting an international investor on board and today Kathrin and Christian share their knowledge efficiently online on a range of topics based on their innovative e-learning product.

Kathrin Prantner comes from Tirol and has also made it the location of her company. A contributing factor was the nurturing atmosphere for creative ideas as was the fruitful climate for innovations because, "In summer and in winter - whether skiing or mountain biking - sports and leisure activities in the mountains in Tirol always provide me with the balance I need for everyday business activities straight away," Kathrin says, laughing. The smell of fresh mountain air produces new ideas, which in Tirol can easily grow to a successful business.



Free professional advice for founders and young companies provided by these three experienced parties:

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The Standortagentur Tirol connects founders and young entrepreneurs looking for capital with regional and international investors. And the investors with the ideas.

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