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By studying at one of the universities in Tirol, your future career is in the bag. And after all the revising? The mountains are always beckoning.

Sights set on a career

Climb up the career ladder, rung by rung, and spend your free time doing trend sports such as climbing, mountain biking, down hill mountain biking, snowboarding and more – Tirol is a real cool place for sports fans who love challenges and for student outdoor freaks.

And in any case also for the 40,000 students who are already studying at the reputable eight universities, universities of applied sciences and teacher training colleges, which offer a wide range of future-oriented subjects. 5,000 students graduate successfully from them every year.

But first things first. You're spoilt for choice if you haven't already got a place to study. The University of Innsbruck has an especially large range of courses in all disciplines, i.e. more than 100 – from A for "Accounting, Auditing and Taxation" to Z for "Zoology" – at 16 faculties . Special medical and medical engineering courses are offered by the Medical University of Innsbruck and the Private University for Health Sciences, Medical Informatics and Technology (UMIT). The Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) offers degree courses with a special emphasis on computer science, mechatronics, environmental, process and energy engineering, business, law and tourism. Whereas the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein also has courses in energy business, facility management and sport, culture and event management.

Tirol's universities are known for their high-quality teaching. Therefore, their graduates are highly sought-after on the job market. Also because the universities cooperate very closely with local companies. Longer-term cooperation often evolves from bachelor and master theses or dissertations, which the businesses use to develop innovations. In turn, it gives future graduates the opportunity to be involved in application-oriented projects. And they gain valuable contacts – and more often than not also an attractive job later on.

Until then, students can test whether they identify with their employer as well as see for themselves that it really is easier in Tirol than elsewhere to have a personal relationship with the boss and the team. The reason being that in Tirol there is an extremely high concentration of small and middle-sized companies as well as family-run businesses and thanks to the Tirolean mentality, it is important to have a personal relationships with the boss. Graduates in all of Europe also find these two themes, identifying with the employer and personal relationships, important nowadays as well as the internationality and the company's good reputation.

The universities and colleges in Tirol also work together with lecturers, other colleges and companies from all over the world. This makes it easier for students to organise a semester or internship abroad during their studies or even to do an international dual degree programme. And if desired, also an international career. An international career, which can also be accomplished via academic activities in Tirol. It is not without reason that the University of Innsbruck, for example, ranked seventh in the preliminary list compiled by the Times Higher Education using the "International Outlook" indicator. If after your degree your curiosity is still not satisfied, then one of the universities in Tirol can become your employer. And you can quench your thirst for knowledge with about 3,000 researchers at the universities in Tirol or with scientists involved in numerous partnerships around the world.

Back to the excellent prospects, even during the degree – e.g. the cool sport and leisure area that the natural surroundings and infrastructure in Tirol around the universities in Innsbruck, Hall and Kufstein offer. Whether skiing or snowboarding, mountain biking or down hill mountain biking, climbing up high or sliding down into the valley, you can do all this anytime as it is all close by and easy to reach on foot, by bike or public transport. And the universities also support this sporting spirit. The University Sports Institute at Innsbruck offers students roughly 1,000 sports courses, which can take place in water with sailing courses or canyoning etc., on the level floor and the air with apparatus gymnastics, martial arts and similar sports and in Alpine terrain with events such as mountain duathlons, ice climbing or ski tours.

Young people will find an abundance of adventures, fun and attractive career opportunities in Tirol. The challenges in mountainous country are just waiting to be accepted.


Are you interested in the various degree courses at the universities and universities of applied sciences in Tirol? Here they are:

Get around quickly

What can you get today for 100.70 euros?

Students in Tirol can get around cheaply. They only have to pay between 100.70 and 180 euros for their student ticket, which they can use on all of the trains in the regional transport network of the Verkehrsverbund Tirol.

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The local rhythm

Looking for parties, workshops, satirical shows, concerts?

The local 6020 Stadtmagazin knows what's on where and lists all of the events and highlights every month.

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International Studieren

Für Erasmus Incomings hat die Universität Innsbruck einen International Student Guide mit vielen Tipps zusammengestellt - zum Download auf der Uni-Website:

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Gemeinsam auf Erfolgskurs

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Die Interessensvertretung der Studierenden an der Uni Innsbruck bietet eine Menge Services: u.a. Studienpläne, Kalender, Broschüren, Formulare und Anträge, den Mensabon, sowie Wohnungs- und Jobbörsen.