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In Tirol you can get to the top of nearby mountains and also crest the top or your career.

Productive with mountain views

Work where others are on holiday. There's no better place than Tirol.

Because this holiday paradise, with roughly 44 million overnight stays a year that make up a third of the overnight stays in all of Austria, not only provides numerous options for relaxing, sports activities and adventure right on your doorstep. Many research institutes, competence centres, clusters and innovative companies have also set up here so you get to the top of not only a real mountain but also your own career mountain.

"Productive with mountain views" could be the title of job adverts of many a company in Tirol. One of those international companies or creative family businesses with up to 15 employees. Because regardless of the size, a number of them are always looking for specialists who can apply new scientific findings or findings from their own R&D department and bring them commercial success. And they often recruit highly motivated people from abroad with great success. Practitioners who love nature and sport. People who maybe even know that the mountain views in Tirol can be enjoyed all year round:

because thanks to the mountains in Tirol – the air heats up on the steep mountain slopes even in winter - there is rarely any high fog. Therefore, people working in Tirol can still lounge in the sun in their lunch break and free time in a high-pressure area even during winter whereas quite a few lowlands rarely get to see the sun from November to February. In concrete terms, people in Innsbruck experience on average 3-5 times less foggy days a year than in Vienna, the capital city of Austria. One factor that is bound to convince many a specialist.

Where do sun-kissed specialists involved in brand new developments work in Tirol? For example, at companies such as MED-EL or Biocrates Life Sciences AG. Whereas the former as a leading medical technological expert develops and sells cochlear implants worldwide, Biocrates analyses various metabolic products with ready-to-use kits and a sophisticated software. The reason why biologists and computer scientists work together – exciting interdisciplinary team work that creates innovations.

Keyword: computer scientists. They, too, find attractive jobs here in Tirol. For example, at World Direct, the software expert, which like many companies in Tirol focuses strongly on a healthy work-life balance of its employees. At NTS Netzwerk Telekom Service AG, which in 2012 even achieved sixth place in the "Best Employer in Austria" competition. At Barracuda Networks, a true data security expert whose customers include companies such as Coca Cola, L’Oreal and IBM. Or at other international companies such as Comarch Austria, which works very closely with the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Innsbruck.

In Tirol even more sunshine industries have attractive jobs on hand. For example, renewable energies and mechatronics where businesses such as Freisinger develop and build passive house windows sought after worldwide, businesses such as Siko Solar, ATB Becker or Hilber Solar promoting photovoltaics or the leading European manufacturer of heat pumps, Heliotherm, whose developers at its innovation centre have smoke coming out of their ears. Precision mechanics such as Sistro who pass on their expertise in innovations to other companies or the CAD specialist from East Tirol, Micado, who builds special fixtures on which the the wings of Airbus and Boeing are spread out during production.

Tirol not only has mountains but also attractive employers. Who know that a healthy work-life balance, which is so much easier to achieve in Tirol, forms the basis for people's best performance and accordingly supports them. Which the employees in turn thank with their high level of commitment and motivation. Because in terms of employee motivation, Tirol along with Austria ranked fourth in an international comparison.

Hardly surprising. When you work where others are on holiday.


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Power of knowledge

Want to work where others are on holiday? That's easy for technical experts - because they are also in high demand in Tirol.

With the skills initiative "Tirol hat deinen Job!" ("Tirol's got your job!"), the Standortagentur Tirol helps specialists to network with businesses in Tirol in the life sciences, mechatronics, renewable energies, IT as well as well-being and health sectors.

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In balance

A study has shown that the people in Tirol enjoy working in their region:

in a recent study, about 76% of the inhabitants here rated Tirol as highly attractive to live and work in.