Picture credits: Tirol Werbung/Kathrein Verena


"Hospitality turns the simplest hut into a palace." (Josef Margreiter, Tirol Werbung)

Tirol welcomes the world

The USA, China, the Netherlands, Great Britain, France, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Russia, Romania, Italy, Switzerland and many more countries – people from so many different countries come to Tirol.

The people in Tirol have long since been accustomed to lots of people from other nations and different cultures visiting the "Land in the Mountains". After all, even travellers in the Roman period were using the trade route across Tirol to get to Italy. Nowadays, business people, scientists, students, athletes and alpinists come to Tirol, and not only people passing through and holidaymakers.

Their high number as well as international festivals such as the Olympics and the many mountain inns, bed and breakfasts, hotels and mountaineer villages emphasise the hospitality of the Tiroleans. Tirol welcomes the world – this is not only an opportunity for the people here to get to know other cultures, but also allows them to show guests their own region and customs. 

For example, the cultural programme during the Winter Youth Olympics in 2012 also included a "Schuhplattl" folk dance course. Hotels also hold events now and again where tourists can become acquainted with the Tirolean culture. They are aware of their traditions, proud of their region as well as open and hospitable towards people from other countries - that's what the people in Tirol are like.


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