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A big thank you to the Alps for providing a good infrastructure. The picture shows a very well-known part of the road and rail network that stretches 8,800 km across the Tyrol: the Europe Bridge.

Thanks to the Alps

The mountains are in the way, the traffic's slow and only towns can be reached? Wrong! The natural Alpine surroundings are actually the reason why the Tyrol enjoys a very good infrastructure and vibrant economy today.

The "Land in the Mountains" started attracting tourists as early as the mid-nineteenth century and has always invested in mobility. Nowadays, the mountains provide the perfect conditions for sports activities: more than 5,600 km of mountain routes and trails for mountain biking as well as 4,000 km of pistes in about 100 ski resorts. Hardly surprising then that athletes from all over the world come to the Tyrol. The Winter Olympics took place here three times as well as the Winter Youth Olympics in Innsbruck in 2012.

The Tyrol not only promoted tourism and sport mass gathering events, but also started expanding its road and rail network very early on. It now stretches 8,800 km across the entire region. The 5,929 flights (2015), which depart from Innsbruck airport (see article) every year, enable people to travel much quicker across all national borders.

Not only sports enthusiasts and visitors benefit from the Tyrol's good infrastructure, companies that have to transport their goods do, too. On the east-west axis to Switzerland or from north Germany to south Italy simply across Europe Bridge (see article) or the Brenner Motorway or from 2025 even through the Brenner Base Tunnel, which is being constructed at the moment. A thank you to the natural Alpine surroundings! They are most certainly not in the way in the Tyrol, the people here owe a lot to them.



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